Web Development

Our team follows a distinct process to deliver high quality results. Our structured approach helps your business succeed.

Let's Talk

Step 1

It all starts with a conversation. We'll set up time to discuss your project goals. This is a high level chat to get a feel of what your looking for. The topics covered could include:

  • Is this an existing project or something completely new?
  • What kind of work is it?
    • That could mean a website, a web app, an eCommerce store, or anything else.
  • Do you already have a brand identity, logo, or look & feel?
  • What's your budget?
  • What are your goals for this project?

Next, we'll audit any existing work that's relevant to this project. That could be your current website, logos, or social media pages. It could even be other websites, that aren't your own, to use as a reference or inspiration.

This is the information gathering phase.

Once we determine what your looking for, we'll recommend what technologies and resources are right for you. This leads us to the next phase: planning

We'll plan it out

Step 2

Now it's time to crystalize the requirements gathered in step one. We'll write out the project objectives, outline a technology stack, propose a price point, and layout a timeline.

This is the briefing phase.

Clear communication and a well-defined scope is imperative. We'll be specific about what we're agreeing to provide you. A detailed and comprehensive plan-of-action serves as our roadmap.

Now we're ready to get to work.


Step 3

Our team is ready to code, design, configure, and hustle. Your ideas will come to life in pixel perfect fashion. We'll layout and wireup a high-quality digital experience. It'll be available on a private server for your review & approval.

This is the building phase.

The layout and design is informed by the previous steps. User-friendly navigation & overall experience will delight you and your visitors.

Besides having an awesome design and killer user-experience, this step also involves:

  • Configuring your domain name, servers, & email.
  • Making things super secure (SSL & HTTPS, data backups).
  • Installing a CMS (Content Management System) - so you can make updates without anyone's help.


Step 4

While building your website we use usually place-holder text and images. The design, layout, and setup is finished - now it's time to flesh things out.

web development

If you prefer to deliver content earlier, this can be part of the previous step. Otherwise, now is the time to send us everything. Have no fear - you'll be able to add, edit, and delete things afterwards.

Quality Assurance

Step 5

We're almost there. Everything is ready to go. The last step is to kick the wheels. Testing across devices, browsers, & screen sizes assures quality. Any bugs, visual or technical, will be hunted down and squashed.

During this phase, we go through each part of the finished product and make sure eveything looks & works properly.

Learn more about our QA process

Common Questions

Can you optimize my website for SEO?

  • Yes! We'll set up your website to be SEO sound with things like structured data, sitemaps, and keywords.
  • Your SEO score will get a boost from being secure, mobile-friendly, and fast.
  • We can register your site with Google Search Console and enable AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to increase the chance of your pages being highlighted by Google.
  • We can help you develop a content strategy to improve Search Engine Optimization and drive more traffic to you site.

Learn more about how we handle SEO

Can you provide email hosting?

  • Of Course! We can get you setup with affordable email for your business, connected to your domain name. If you're starting from scratch, we recommend using Google Workspace.

Learn more about how manage cloud operations

Which CMS is right for me?

  • This one depends on your needs. Usually, we recommend WordPress or Shopify for most businesses.

Can you design my website too?

  • Absolutely! From conception to deployment we will build your online look & feel to represent your business.

Learn more about our design chops

What about UX (User Experience)?

  • We're experts in designing meaningful user journeys through your online product. Your visitors will have positive & frictionless interactions accross your website.

Learn more about our user experience expertise


Have any questions? Want to request a quote? Send us a message.