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URL Targeting

When creating, or editing, a SplitWit experiment you can set which pages of your website it will run on.

Set URL targets for an experiment

There are 3 different match types for URL targets:

  1. Basic match
    • A basic match targets a single page. It ignores things like trailing slashes, URL parameters ( or, protocol (http vs https), and toggling ‘www’ ( vs
  2. Exact match
    • An exact match targets the URL exactly.
  3. Substring match
    • A substring match targets any URL that includes the string of characters that you specify.

Instead of targeting specific URLs, you can also exclude certain URLs. For example, if you add your base domain as a substring target match, it will target every page of your website. You might then want to exclude certain pages with a basic or exact exclusion match.

Exclude URLs from experiments
You can target your entire website with a substring match, and then exclude irrelevant pages.

SplitWit experiment settings include a URL testing tool. You should always check to make sure your experiment will run on desired pages based on the URL targeting rules you set.

URL testing tool to make sure experiments will run on desired pages.
Test URLs to make sure your experiment will run on them.

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