Getting started

Integrate with WordPress

Adding SplitWit to your WordPress website is easy. You have two options:

Use the WordPress plugin

SplitWit offers a plugin that will automatically add your project’s code snippet to your WordPress website. From your WordPress dashboard, on the left, go to “Plugins” and select “Add New”. Then, search for “SplitWit”.

Search for SplitWit in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Click “Install Now”. Alternatively, you can download the plugin directly, and manually upload it to your web server’s “/wp-content/plugins” folder.

After activating the plugin, add your project ID. It can be found on the projects page.

Click “Project ID code” to reveal your project’s ID.

Manually add the SplitWit code snippet

Instead of using the plugin to add the code snippet to your WordPress site, you can manually add it to your theme’s code. Copy your code snippet from the projects page.

Code snippet

Paste this piece of code into the header.php file of your theme. You can access this file from the WordPress dashboard by going to Appearance -> Theme Editor

Edit your theme file

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