Getting started

How to run an experiment

Once you create a SplitWit account, you’ll find yourself on the projects page. Each project you create should represent a single website that you’ll run experiments on.

Each project has a code snippet that needs to be added to your website. Copy and paste this into the <head> section of your website’s code. If you’re website runs on WordPress, you can use our plugin to inject this code for you.

Next, you should navigate to the experiments page and create a new experiment. Add a name, and set which page(s) you want this test to run on.

Create an experiment

In the URL Target section, a basic match represents a single page that you want the experiment to run on. You can read more about SplitWit URL targeting.

Once an experiment has been created, you’ll be able to make variation changes that will show to half of your website’s visitors. Our visual page editor makes this easy.

Select a variation to edit.
You can make changes to both the control and variation of your website.

The visual editor lets you select elements from your website, and make changes – no code needed. It also allows you to add new elements and hide existing ones. Save your changes and get ready to start your experiment.

SplitWit visual editor
Style, edit, and change your website from the visual editor

The last thing you’ll need to do before launching an experiment is to set metrics. Metrics are the things you’ll want to measure during this A/B test. It could be a user action, such as clicking a button. Or, it can be a page view, like as your checkout page. You can read more about setting up metrics for your experiments.

Add metrics to your experiment
Set metrics to determine the success of your A/B test.

You can start your A/B test from the experiments page. Once an experiment is running, users will begin being served your variation changes. You can pause or stop a test at any time. SplitWit will let you know when the metrics you set have reached statistical significance.

Start an experiment

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