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You should AB test headline text

Catchy headlines are important for increasing conversion rates. The way people interact with content puts an emphasis on headlines. It’s the hook that casts a first impression. Captivating text that draws in readers will get more clicks. Blog headlines are the bait that needs to stand out in an ocean of digital information.

There are many formulas for writing great headline copy. But, knowing what will work for your own audience always requires A/B testing. Intuition about what you think sounds good, or what will work best, can only be validated by running split experiments.

Statistics and numbers

Adding hard data to headlines is a known way to get more clicks. You can see it used throughout the internet. Experimenting with how the numbers are used is a great place to start split testing.

Try testing numerals versus words:

Top 10 ways to stay in shape vs. Top ten way to stay in shape

Use numbers to add specificity:

How young people stay in shape vs. How a 21 year old stays in shape

Change the number of items you list:

5 ways to get in shape vs. 3 ways to get in shape

Question phrases

Phrasing headlines as a question is an effective way to draw in readers. It’s a technique that generates curiosity and stimulates the reader’s imagination. Experimenting with phrasing will help you find out what works best.

Why should you get in shape? vs. Why does getting in shape matter?

Use impactful language

Word choice and diction play a powerful role in influencing readers. Experimenting with wording will help you learn what works best for your audience. Try choosing synonyms and rearranging sentence structure.

How to get strong arms vs. Growing powerful biceps

How ever you choose to experiment with headlines, be sure to measure click-throughs and check that your results are significant. SplitWit makes it easy to change copy and analyze the results with out knowing how to code. Reach out to us now to get more information.