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How to A/B test the color of a button

A great idea for an A/B test is to experiment with the color of your call-to-action buttons. The right colors can generate positive emotions from your visitors and push them to take action.

SplitWit lets you change the color of buttons on your website and Shopify store. Start by clicking “Make changes” from your experiment dashboard

Shopify experiment dashboard

Next, click on the button that you want to edit in the visual editor panel. You’ll see a list of properties for the element you selected. Scroll down to “background”. Here you can type the name of a color or enter an HTML hexadecimal color code (eg. #f3f3f3).

Visual editor properties list for a selected element

If you click “view options” you’ll see a list of possible color values that you can choose from. Once you decide on a color, be sure to save and preview your changes.

How to choose the right color

When choosing a button color for your experiment, start with a hypothesis about why the change might increase conversions.

Often times a powerful red can evoke a response of urgency, and stimulate users to click by grabbing their attention.

Green or blue communicates feelings of security that may give visitors confidence in your call-to-action.

Generally, when experimenting with color, try to follow basic color theory principles. Colors on opposite sides of a spectrum tend to be visually pleasing. Following a color scheme can give you ideas about what options are best.