AB Ideas

A/B test examples for text and copy

Text and copy are an important aspect of your website. Word choice can affect the conversion rate of your online store or service. You should experiment with headlines, body copy, product descriptions, button text, and any other textual call-to-actions.

Here are some ideas:

  • Try changing “Contact” to “Get in touch”, “Send a note”, “Reach out”, or “Talk to us”.
  • Change “Sign Up” to “Register Now” or “Try it for free”.
  • Replace “Register” with “Blast off!”.
  • Try changing “Continue” to “Yes please”, “View more”, or “Next”.
  • Change “Try it free” to “Start at no cost”

You can use SplitWit to quickly test and iterate different copy to see what most helps to improve your conversion rate. Remember that experimentation should be a constant part of your business plan.